Laser Hair Reduction (Removal): Know Before You Go!

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Did you know that women spend 72 days shaving in their lifetime? That’s over 2 months! If you’re sick of shaving and want to put those 72 days to good use, consider laser hair reduction. It’s an investment that will save you some serious time throughout the years. Here’s everything you need to know before you head in for your laser hair reduction sessions.

Before Your Appointment
Stay out of the sun! This is a great procedure to have done in the months where you can get away with wearing pants. It’s best to stay out of the sun for a month (at least) as you can’t have this procedure done if you have a sunburn or tan.

Traditional hair removal methods require a specific length of hair (such as waxing). This isn’t the case with laser hair reduction. Make sure you shave the night before your treatment and do not wax! Laser hair reduction targets the hair follicle beneath your skin and waxing removes this. No hair follicle? No hair reduction!

What To Expect?
Your doctor will begin with a patch test to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions. If your skin tolerates the patch test, they will then move on to complete your first session. Each session takes approximately 30 minutes and most people need 6-8 sessions.

Some patients compare the feeling of the laser to that of being snapped by a rubber band. While it isn’t exactly “relaxing”, thousands of people get this procedure done and handle the discomfort well.

After Your Appointment
You should wear sunscreen all day, every day no matter what. But if you’re guilty of not religiously slathering it on, now is the time to start. After the procedure, your skin can be sensitive and susceptible to burns.

Save yourself all of those wasted days and consider having laser hair reduction. You won’t be sorry!

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