Is it Time for a Neck Lift?

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As you look in the mirror, you may realize you don’t want a full facelift. The upper part of your face may still satisfy you. But a softening jawline, a double chin, wrinkled neck, or jowl lines can detract from your appearance.

These changes may occur for a number of reasons, including stress, environment, genealogy, and even gravity.

In this case, you may want to consider a neck lift or neck liposuction as well.

What a Neck Lift Can Help
A neck lift can treat the relaxed skin and fat deposits that cause jowls. In addition it can tighten loose neck skin and remove fatty tissue under the chin (the dreaded ‘turkey wobble’). It can even help with unusual curving because of neck muscles banding for a prolonged period.

But a neck lift has its limitations. It won’t stop aging and it doesn’t change your essential appearance. However, it does enhance it.

How is a Neck Lift Performed?
A neck lift is a surgical procedure. Although there are non-surgical neck treatments, they don’t have the same high level of results.

In 2018 the average cost of a just a neck lift was about $5200. This figure doesn’t include the surgeon’s fee, surgical room facilities, anesthesia, medical tests, or other similar expenses. Neck lifts are not covered by medical insurance, but often financing plans are available through a surgery practice.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?
If you are generally healthy nonsmoker and you don’t have any trouble healing, you may be a good candidate. As with any cosmetic procedure, you need to have realistic expectations and an upbeat outlook.

Your surgeon will also discuss your previous surgeries, medications, allergies, use of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs.

He will also take pictures and measure your face, discuss options and treatment, and explain how the surgery is performed.

What Happens after Surgery?
Immediately after surgery you will have bandages and a care regimen to speed healing and prevent infection.

The swelling may take up to a few months to fully disappear, and it may be up to 6 months before you see the full benefit of the procedure. As you heal, you should see a younger looking, more confident you.

Though neck lift surgery is a big commitment, the results are often worth the time and effort. Speak to a plastic surgeon today to evaluate your options.

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