Dr. Robert GonzalezPlastic Surgeon


    Dr. Roberto Gonzalez is a board-certified plastic surgeon highly skilled in all aspects of cosmetic surgery as well as reconstructive and general surgery. He is pleased to join Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic with a commitment to offer the best possible care to all of his patients. We are very excited to have such a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon as a new member of the Ciao Bella family. His philosophy and extensive experience in all areas of cosmetic surgery and general surgery, makes him a perfect fit at Ciao Bella.

    Dr. Roberto Gonzalez was born in Tampico, Mexico. As a young man, while in High School, he decided to study abroad in Chicago IL and Morgantown West Virginia and quickly became fluent in English. During his time at West Virginia, he realized a profound interest in Medicine while shadowing his uncle, Dr. Jose Luis Cruzzavala, a cardiac surgeon at West Virginia University.

    Upon his return to Mexico, he dedicated himself to a career in Medicine, with special emphasis in surgery. Dr. Gonzalez earned his degree in Medicine at the Institute of Technology and Superior Studies of Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. During his surgical rotation, he became fascinated with the diversity of areas and procedures involved in the field of Plastic Surgery.

    His new-found fascination in Plastic Surgery, led him back to the US, this time, to the University of West Virginia where he completed a one year research fellowship in Plastic Surgery. During that year, he was intricately involved in research and played a major role in helping publish various papers. After his research fellowship, he went on to continue his training in General Surgery in order to go on to Plastic Surgery. Following his General Surgery training, one step closer to his goal, he completed his Plastic Surgery Fellowship at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

    He practiced many different aspects of the specialty in Pennsylvania. Besides cosmetic surgery, he was deeply involved in complex reconstructions for orthopedic and facial trauma and also helping other specialties with wound problems such as cardiac surgeries and neurosurgical wounds.

    Dr. Gonzalez’s working philosophy is caring for his patients as a whole by always answering and thoroughly explaining all questions that may arise and providing his best effort and skill during surgery.

    Dr. Andres Zavala