What To Expect With Rhinoplasty Surgery in Scottsdale

 In General

Rhinoplasty or Nose Jobs are not a cookie-cutter surgery. While there are some common steps you can expect to encounter, every surgery is different. The specific anatomy and structure of your face is a major consideration as is the reason for the surgery and the expected outcome. In-depth surgeries require sedation by general anesthetic, while minor corrections may only require the use of local anesthetic.

How Is The Surgery Performed?

There are generally two main ways that a rhinoplasty surgery is executed. Some surgeons will perform the entire surgery from inside your nose. Other plastic surgeons will make a small incision at the base of your nose, typically directly between the nostrils, and perform the surgery from this vantage point. Your nasal bone can be manipulated and maneuvered in a variety of ways from ether angle. Cartilage and bone may be taken from inside your nose or ear for smaller augmentations.

For more elaborate and detailed surgeries, bone and cartilage may be taken from your ribs or other parts of your body. Your plastic surgeon will discuss the specifics of your operation with you during your consultation and any subsequent appointments leading up to your surgery day.

After The Procedure

It is crucial to follow the after-care routine carefully to minimize the risk of potential complications and ensure timely healing. The most important thing you can do in the days following surgery is to get plenty of rest and ensure that your head is always raised higher than your chest; this will reduce swelling and bleeding.

A minimal amount of bleeding and drainage is normal. A gauze cloth, often referred to as a drip pad, may be placed under your nose. You can change the pad as directed by your surgeon. The internal dressings and nose splint typically remain in place for a week after the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will remove all dressings at your follow-up visit.

After the dressings and splint are removed, you will have a four-week additional recovery period which will put limitations on some of your regular activities. Eyeglasses and sunglasses should not be worn until you have had four to six weeks of recovery. You should also get accustomed to brushing your teeth lightly, and you should refrain from laughing or smiling excessively to minimize movement. Do not blow your nose, and wear button-down shirts instead of clothes that have to be pulled on over your head.

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