Researching Fat Grafts and Calf Augmentation?

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The goal with any body enhancement procedure is to look amazing. Some procedures add mass or volume to particular areas, while others take away unwanted fat. Calf augmentation encompasses both. Mass and definition are added to give the appearance of sculpted leg muscles. Achieve the look of working out, with minimal effort. Liposuction plays a significant role in calf augmentation, but it is the use of fat grafts that take this procedure to the next level.

With the addition of fat grafts, this procedure allows appropriate blood flow to surrounding tissue. Fat grafts are made from donor fat that is removed from unwanted areas on the patient’s body. Unwanted fat is removed through a liposuction procedure. Areas such as hips and thighs can be donors. Patients with larger calves will also benefit from the liposuction procedure. Donor areas are sculpted, which brings an added bonus to the over all outcome, leaving patients satisfied with more than just their calves.

Regenerative cells are found inside the harvested fat, along with millions of stem cells. Through an extraction process, these cells are removed and mixed with what remains of the harvested fat. This forms a regenerative fat graft that allows proper healing to the designated area. When transplanted successfully, the re-absorption is of little risk. Oxygen is a vital part of cell recovery. Using this fat graft procedure, allows proper cell regeneration inside the patient’s body. The fat graft is carefully injected into the calf. This process brings sculpted size and shape to the areas that need it.

Whether the procedure is needed for cosmetic reasons, or to correct physical defects, calf augmentation is safe. This effective procedure leaves natural looking results. Stem cell technology has propelled this procedure significantly, making it more effective and even safer than before.

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