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Many individuals suffer from venous diseases commonly referred to as varicose and/or spider veins. These conditions often present as unattractive blemishes upon the skin but may also result in significant wound ulcerations. It may surprise you to know that a large percentage of individuals suffer from some form of venous disease. When diagnosed early, medical interventions can prevent ongoing suffering.

Varicose veins are noticeable bulges in the skin resulting from dilated blood vessels. These bulges present when there is inadequate blood flow to the heart from the lower leg, often causing pain and discomfort and limiting one’s physical activity. Common symptoms associated with varicose veins are itching, burning, and sometimes the sensation of pressure buildup. Achiness and throbbing pain may be more present towards the end of the day after one has been active. If you are suffering from varicose veins, our physician can discuss with you the severity of your case and help you to avoid a more chronic condition.

Spider veins, known as Scleroderma, presents as small noticeable clusters, usually red, blue or purple in nature and are often located on the thighs, ankles and calves. The procedure for this condition ill include injecting a solution into the visible vein. The result will be to collapse the vein to collapse and cause the blemishes to fade. Spider veins may also be reduced or removed by the application of laser treatments.

If you are noticing any lower limb blemishes and/or experiencing discomfort specific to the local site, you should contact our office for a consult. Unsightly veins, blemishes, poor body image and/or leg pain are commonly cited reasons for electing this procedure. While these conditions are not usually problematic, we know that as the disease progresses, it can significantly affect one’s quality of life. If leg pain is limiting your physical activity, this procedure will prevent a further decline in your overall health.

Our physicians can assist you with assessing the appropriate varicose or spider vein treatment for your specific condition. We use the most advanced ultrasonic imaging techniques to properly diagnose and assess venous disease in our patients. If you elect to proceed with treatment, know that all our procedures take less than 30 minutes enabling you to resume your daily activities immediately. There is no scarring with our cutting-edge treatments and no need for general anesthesia or hospitalization.

Our office team is will assist in assessing your costs and how your insurance benefits will be applied for your elected procedure. Most insurance companies cover this type of procedure, even Medicare.

Contact our team today for your consultation! We are also offering virtual consults!

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