How Men & Women Benefit from Nipple Reduction Procedures

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Nipple Reduction Scottsdale AZ

Nipple reduction is a cosmetic procedure that is available to all genders. When done as as stand-alone procedure, the surgery can often be managed using a local anesthetic. It can also be combined with some form of breast reduction surgery or gynecomastia surgery. A man who may not be living with gynecomastia but is unhappy with the size of his nipples should consider this procedure. Here are a few examples of how the reduction will make life better.

Feeling Less Self-Conscious at the Beach 

Having larger than typical nipples can be embarrassing when the man or woman is planning a trip to the beach. Since male swimsuits do not include coverage for the chest, those oversized nipples are there for the world to see. Even if no one seems to be looking, it’s still harder to relax and enjoy the sun and surf.

Once the nipple reduction procedure is finished and the healing is complete, going to the beach is no longer something to dread. It’s possible to find a place in the sand, take off the shirt, and enjoy the day without feeling as if everyone is staring at the nipples.

Confidence in the Locker Room 

Oversized nipples can also cause anxiety in a locker room. Instead of taking along a gym bag and changing just before a workout, the man with larger nipples may be tempted to dress in gym clothing before leaving home. Rather than enjoying a hot shower or spending some time in the hot tub or sauna after the workout, it’s back home again. All this is so the other guys in the locker room don’t get a look at those larger nipples.

After undergoing the procedure and being happy with the size of those reduced nipples, it’s easier to relax and get the most out of that gym membership. Changing in the locker room is no longer a big deal. Grabbing a towel and heading to the shower is also something that the man feels comfortable doing now. Even relaxing in a hot tub or sauna and shooting the breeze with the other guys is now something to enjoy rather than avoid.

Enjoying Intimacy More 

Being intimate means baring the chest and allowing the partner to see it. If the nipples are larger and a cause for concern, that can be awkward and interfere with enjoying the moment. By undergoing a nipple reduction in Scottsdale, AZ, it’s easier to relax and focus more on enjoying the time spent with that special person.

Are you a male or female who is unhappy with the size and shape of your nipples? The solution is simpler and faster than you realize. Call today and arrange for a consultation. You’ll be surprised at what this basic procedure will do for you.

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