What to Expect When You Get Liposuction

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Liposuction is an effective way of removing fat from targeted areas in a short amount of time. This is popular for individuals who have been struggling with stubborn fat loss but is also useful for minor imperfections. If this is a procedure you plan on having done, it’s important to know what to expect, and the information below can help.

The Preparation

After you’ve discussed the procedure with your doctor and have had all necessary lab work done, you’ll receive a list of things you should and should not do before surgery. This may include instructions to stop smoking, avoid certain medications, and to find someone to pick you up once the procedure is finished.

The Procedure

Once you’ve filled out paperwork and have changed into a gown, you’ll have time to ask questions and go over your desired results. From there, your doctor will take before pictures, mark areas to be addressed, and provide you with any necessary medications. You will also have your vital signs and measurements taken by a nurse before the procedure actually begins.

Once you’re ready for the procedure, you will be numbed in strategic areas in order to minimize discomfort. After this, the doctor will debulk the fat until the desired results have been achieved. Each impacted area will be then be cleaned and your vital signs will be taken once again.

The Healing Process

In our office, we prioritize comfort during the healing process, which is why we provide numbing medication during the procedure. However, this will have to be drained during your time healing, which means taking precautions in order to make sure the fluids don’t get on your bed. If you feel any discomfort, pain medication may be taken at this time. Once 24-hours have passed, you can shower gently, making sure to stand slowly to avoid dizziness.

It’s important to expect swelling during the first week and for that swelling to become relatively firm. This may last for 1-3 months, depending on how long your body takes to heal. Although the firm swollen lumps may be uncomfortable, know that they are a normal part of healing. The journey to full recovery is slow, but once it is finished, you will see the results you desire without swelling covering them up.

If you’re interested in liposuction and want to see if you’re a good candidate, please give Ciao Bella Plastic Surgery of Scottsdale a call to schedule a consultation.

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