How to Get Rid of Stubborn Cellulite

 In General

Cellulite is a condition that causes the skin to have a dimply, lumpy appearance, and occurs in the buttock and thigh area. It is caused by fat deposits pushing through connective tissue under the skin. To reduce cellulite, it’s important to have an active lifestyle, stop smoking, and eat a low-fat diet. Sometimes, cellulite will not go away, even in healthy, active women. To get rid of this stubborn cellulite, there are several cosmetic treatments available.

Liposuction is probably one of the most widely-known treatments, and there are different types. It is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure used to remove excess fat from the body. Power-assisted liposuction uses a vibrating tube that breaks up fatty tissue while removing it from the body, and is more gentle than traditional liposuction.

Tumescent Liposuction with Ultrasound assistance uses ultrasound vibration to liquefy the fat before removing it with a surgical tube.

Tumescent Liposuction with Laser assistance uses a laser to liquefy the fat. The laser can also tighten the skin after the fat is removed.

Radiofrequency and Ultrasound Cavitation
Radiofrequency and ultrasound cavitation is a painless, non-surgical procedure to remove cellulite. This procedure emulsifies the fat and allows it to be expelled through the lymphatic and urinary systems.

Laser Treatment
Subcutaneous Diode Laser Treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that permanently eliminates cellulite. The surgeon makes tiny punctures in the area, and then inserts a micro laser instrument into the holes and treats the areas under the skin. This treatment releases the dimpling fibers, melts fat, stimulates collagen, and smooths the skin.

Venus Freeze
Venus Freeze is a non-surgical procedure that combines Radiofrequency and Electromagnetic pulses to stimulate collagen production and elastin fiber growth, resulting in smoother skin, and decreased cellulite.

If you suffer from stubborn cellulite or varicose veins, see a qualified cosmetic surgeon near you to help you decide which treatment is best for you.

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