The Benefits Of Repeated Use Of Botox Injections For Smoothing Wrinkles

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In the United States, and Scottsdale, AZ Botox treatments are the most in-demand, non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed today. Statistics show that over seven million people in 2016 preferred Botox facial procedures over other non-surgical or surgical procedures to improve facial appearance. Botox injections are effective for making facial skin appear more rejuvenated and youthful without requiring invasive surgical procedures and the necessary recovery time following those surgeries. Botox treatments involve injections of the bacterial toxin called Botulinum toxin penetrating the facial muscles that have the potential of creating permanent wrinkling in the face’s epidermal layer. After injecting Botox into certain muscles, it reduces those muscular functions by immobilizing them on a temporary basis, which contributes to the smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines, giving you even and wrinkle-less skin. It’s discovered that with this non-invasive cosmetic procedure, there are benefits for the skin that is being treated with Botox, that may last longer than the temporary effects that Botox affords the user.

Research has determined that the benefits of using Botox may affect maturing skin by increasing the elasticity and this realization came about because of the unforeseen results that occurred in women, aged 45 to 60, who use Botox on a consistent basis. Youthful skin relies on the natural manufacturing of two significant proteins within the skin, which are elastin and collagen, and they contribute to the flexibility and firmness of young skin. When women reach their 30s and 40s, the collagen and elastin production decrease, so skin loses its cohesion. The loss of collagen and elastin coupled with repeated facial expressions that stretch the facial skin cause it to droop or sag, resulting in wrinkling. The dynamics in which Botox impact maturing skin became the focus of new research as women began to notice that after completing four sessions of Botox injections, the condition of their skin had shown improvement as the elasticity had exhibited some restoration.

Through new research, doctors ascertained that benefits of recurrent Botox injections were that skin retained the desired effect for longer periods of time because the texture of the skin improved with each session. It showed that Botox injections contributed to further production of collagen and elastin because of the notable changes documented in the composition of the women’s skin. Research showed that skin that came into contact with the muscles treated with Botox seemed to regain partial elasticity seen in young skin, which is not understood or explainable. It seems this result is temporary and not due to muscle contraction or swelling because of the injections because the changes in skin integrity happened within the texture of the skin. This unexplainable consequence lasts more than the length of time of one treatment of Botox injections lasts, which is three to four months. Further research needs to happen to comprehend why the skin has the elasticity of youthful skin as a result of repeated Botox injections.

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