Thinking About Getting Breast Augmentation?

 In General

Breast augmentation is an outpatient surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. It’s a popular cosmetic choice that can give you more self-assurance and boost self-esteem. Breasts can be enhanced using either saline or silicone implants for added size and shape.

The cost of breast augmentation varies based on your individual needs and requirements. A personalized quote will be provided during your consultation.

Breast augmentation typically takes one hour and can be performed as an outpatient in our office or under general anesthesia at a hospital. Recovery times for each procedure will differ, but typically require 4 days with pain medication for maximum comfort.

Your surgeon may suggest wearing a compression bandage on your chest or wearing a sports bra for support during the initial week of healing. Be sure to avoid wearing any underwires or padding which could irritate the incisions.

After surgery, you will likely need to take time off work or school for a few weeks in order to rest and recover. It is essential that you adhere to your surgeon’s instructions regarding when it is safe to return to work or other activities so that healing can proceed as smoothly as possible.

Your doctor will monitor your recovery and schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure the surgery was successful and that you are doing well. In addition, they may give you a postoperative instruction booklet which outlines the plan of care for healing and provides guidelines on how best to care for yourself during this period.

Breast augmentation carries risks such as implant rupture, infection, skin wrinkling around the implant site and scarring. Furthermore, implants may lead to sagging and drooping of breasts and fluid accumulation around them.

If you have breast implants, your doctor may need to perform special mammograms in order to detect tumors that would not be visible with standard mammograms. These scans provide a different view than standard mammograms and may not detect cancer cells that would otherwise be visible.

Additionally, you may experience systemic symptoms such as fatigue, memory loss, rash, difficulty thinking and concentrating, or joint pain after receiving breast implants. These effects usually subside after removal of the implants.

Other potential side effects of breast augmentation may include increased sensitivity in the nipple area, scar tissue formation and blood collection at the surgical site (hematoma). While these complications are rare, you should be monitored closely by your doctor for any potential risks.

Your breasts will continue to evolve as you age and either gain or lose weight, so it is essential that you schedule follow-up appointments with your doctor to monitor the health of your implants.

Before choosing a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation, be sure to discuss your goals and expectations with them. Many patients choose this procedure for reconstructive purposes after mastectomy for cancer, while others seek it simply to enhance their natural breast size and shape.

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