Talking with Teenagers about Plastic Surgery

 In General

As your teenagers advance in age and get close to the third decade of their lives, they may start to ask about getting certain types of plastic surgery. For example, your teenagers may be interested in rhinoplasty. At first, your response may be immediately negative; however, opening up a conversation with your teenagers can help you to both learn more.

Consider the Request Length
One important factor here is how long your teenager has been asking for this particular form of plastic surgery. A recent request that seems to have come out of nowhere or that appears heavily influenced by peer pressure is not likely to be the best one to grant. On the other hand, when your teenager has long expressed dissatisfaction, you may want to evaluate the request further. You and your child may also want to establish a waiting period. In other words, if your teenager still wants the procedure about a certain period of time, you can then give your permission.

Evaluate with Medical Guidance
Once you’re feeling more comfortable with the idea of your teenager getting medical surgery, you need to find out if the procedure is even possible at this point. In other words, teenagers are still growing, and certain procedures might not be necessary due to expected future growth. Make sure to include your teenager in the discussion with the doctor. Your teenager likely has some questions that only the doctor can answer.

Discuss Permanency
If the procedure is medically feasible, you do want to have a discussion with your teenager about the permanency of the plastic surgery. Ask the doctor for images of what your teenager will likely look like after the surgery is performed. You want to ensure your kids know that the changes that they are opting to have are much more permanent than a piercing or a flashy hair color.

Talking with your teenagers about plastic surgery might seem quite frightening. When you employ certain strategies and maintain an open and honest conversation, you can inspire fruitful discussion about this topic.

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