4 Reasons To Consider Rhinoplasty In Scottsdale AZ

 In General

Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, is quickly becoming one of the most popular elective surgeries available. This cosmetic procedure can help patients gain a newfound confidence. It is important to understand the reasons why patients undergo this surgery before meeting with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

Aesthetic Benefits

When you undergo a rhinoplasty procedure, your surgeon can alter the shape, size, and overall appearance of your nose. This can include changing the shape on the tip of your nose, altering your nostrils, or to narrow the bridge of your nose. Altering the angle of your nose can make a big difference in your overall look. This new look can give you the confidence you have never had before.

Improved Breathing

A common breathing problem associated with rhinoplasty is a deviated septum. Put simply, this means that your septum is off center. This can make it difficult to breathe through your nose and could lead to chronic sinus infections. Surprisingly, around 80 percent of nasal septums are off center. Snoring, troubles with allergies and nasal inflammation can all be improved by a rhinoplasty procedure.

Reconstructive Purposes

In the unfortunate event of an injury that breaks the nose, rhinoplasty can be used to bring a patient’s look back to normal. Talented physicians are able to hide surgical scars inconspicuously on the outside of the nose or even tucked away on the inside of the nose. Even a patient who was badly burned could benefit from this cosmetic procedure.

Birth Defects

A common birth defect that affects many people is known as a cleft palate or cleft lip. What this means is that the palate did not form properly during gestation. Although a rhinoplasty will improve the appearance of someone with this deformity, a cleft palate is a medical condition that rhinoplasty is used to correct. People with a cleft palate often times have difficulties getting the nutrients they need due to issues with eating. This corrective surgery will not only improve the appearance of the palate but will also improve the function of it, as well.

These are just a few reasons why people have opted for rhinoplasty in Scottsdale AZ. Before deciding on this cosmetic surgery in AZ, talk to our doctor to see if you are a good candidate.

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