Post Operative Care of Liposuction

 In General

If you are considering liposuction to remove excess fat from your body, you should follow the doctor’s instructions before the procedure. Many procedures require you to stop taking certain medications for three weeks before the procedure. Your surgeon may also place small tubes to drain fluid before the surgery. Although most people who undergo liposuction are in good shape before the surgery, some are obese or overweight. A doctor can use liposuction to improve your shape, but you should not become dependent on the procedure.

Post-operative care will require a few days at home. You may have dressings placed on the wounds and a compression garment to ensure optimal skin contraction. You can expect significant bruising and numbness in the treated area for several days. A few days to a week may be required for the stitches to come out. You should continue to exercise and diet for several weeks after your liposuction. Your appearance will improve, but your body will continue to produce fat.

After your procedure, your skin will be bandaged and covered with a compression garment. The bruising will subside within several weeks, but you should avoid strenuous activity for a couple of weeks. Your skin will be red and swollen for a while, and it should not be more than a couple of months after the procedure. After your surgery, you will have a much leaner and slimmer look. However, you should make sure your weight remains stable for at least a year. If you gain weight, your results will most likely change.

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