How Liposuction Works

 In General

Liposuction is a surgical procedure performed to remove excess fat from certain body parts. Common areas include the hips, buttocks, and abdomen. Male patients may also choose liposuction to reduce enlarged breasts. It can also reduce fullness in the submental area and lower cheeks. In some cases, it is beneficial for healthy individuals to reduce stubborn pockets of fat that have become too challenging to reduce with diet and exercise alone.

The procedure can be performed at a doctor’s office or a surgical center. Ensure the facility you choose is accredited and well-known for good results. After liposuction, you will go home the same day. Make sure someone can drive you home the day of your surgery or arrange for an overnight stay at a hospital. Your doctor may mark certain areas of your body with permanent markings. After surgery, your doctor will carefully remove the fat and sculpt your body back to its former shape.

Depending on the extent of fat removal, recovery from liposuction can take several weeks. Some patients experience significant swelling and numbness in the treated area for months, although this should resolve within a few weeks. You should also expect some bruising, though swelling is temporary. During the healing process, your doctor will probably prescribe medication to control any discomfort. The area of fat removal should look significantly less pronounced and smooth.

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