Want to Reduce Male Breasts? Have Man Boobs? We Can Help

 In General

Gynecomastia is a condition that afflicts males of all ages. It is defined as overdeveloped breasts which can be the result of heredity, obesity, certain prescriptions, and hormones. The appearance of excess breast tissue can impair a man’s confidence and cause him to feel emotionally uncomfortable. That is why surgery can be an ideal solution.

Male breast reduction, or mammaplasty, is a surgical reduction of the chest that both flattens and enhances the chest so it appears in a more masculine manner. Healthy men of average weight that do not use drugs or smoke make model candidates for any gynecomastia-correcting surgical procedure. It is also imperative that the patient has realistic expectations for the results of the corrective surgery.

Risks of Gynecomastia

Like all surgeries, gynecomastia surgery does have some uncommon, yet possible, risks. Some of these include reactions to glues, sutures, injected or topical agents, and anesthesia. Bleeding, cardiac issues, and blood clots may occur. There have also been rare occurrences of changes in nipple sensation, as well as damage to blood vessels, nerves, the lungs, and muscles.

Preparation for Gynecomastia Surgery

To prevent complications, we may ask you to stop smoking and taking anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin or ibuprofen. We may also ask you to submit to a medical evaluation and lab work.

Basic Techniques

Anesthesia will be administered intravenously for your comfort. Then, depending on your situation, you will either undergo a liposuction procedure, an excision treatment, or both.

If your gynecomastia is the result of too much fat, liposuction will be performed. This is the insertion of a thin tube through a small incision that is used to loosen fat and suck it away through a vacuum. Excision is the removal of excess skin or breast tissue and may include the reduction of the areola or repositioning of the nipple, if necessary.

Recovery for Gynecomastia Surgery

Ask us when and if stitches are to be removed. Also, be sure to follow all instructions when it comes to changing dressing and bandages and taking any pain medication that we may prescribe. You may require an elastic support garment while you are still healing.

You should be able to return to normal activities as long as your incisions are not at any risk of abrasion, swelling, or excess force due to motion. Attend all follow-up visits for more specific instructions and recommendations.


Your surgical results will be immediately visible, though you will have to wait for the post-surgical swelling to quell and the incision scars to fade. These scars are, however, permanent, though the cuts are usually made within the contours of the chest for easy concealment.

Plan a Gynecomastia Consultation

Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your surgical goals and various options. You should also make us aware of any previous surgeries or treatments you have had, as well as any allergies and your general health status. Also, you should let us know about any medications or holistic supplements that you are currently taking. At this time, be sure to ask us any questions you may have.

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