Reshaping Your Body After Extreme Weight Loss

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You’ve finally done it. You won your battle of the bulge and shed those excess pounds that you have been carrying around for years. You feel so much lighter now that you have achieved your goal. You made it to your ideal weight and you don’t ever plan on living in a larger body again. There’s only one problem. Your body doesn’t want to snap into shape the way you want it to be. You’ve tried every exercise routine you can imagine. Physical fitness has played a major role in taking the weight off, but it can’t solve all of the problems with your figure. A plastic surgeon can help you to finish what you started.

Get Rid of Stubborn Fat and Excess Skin
After extreme weight loss, you may still find yourself dealing with trouble spots where resistant fat is hanging on. It might be around your midsection or on your thighs. You could still have fat clinging to your upper arms. Liposuction can help you to eliminate that problem. Another common issue is excess skin. The fat may be gone. The extra weight may finally be eliminated, but you have skin that has been stretched past its limits. Its not going to shrink on its own. Your plastic surgeon can trim away excess skin. Various types of lifts can help as well, whether its a thigh lift, an arm lift or a body lift.

Your Breasts May Need a Boost
Your breasts are likely to droop after weight loss. They may even look like they have become deflated. You may need a combination of breast implants and a breast lift to help you to have a perkier bust once again.

Target Your Tummy
After weight loss, you may still have deposits of fat, excess skin, and loose muscles in the abdominal area. A tummy tuck can help you to get that flat midsection you would like to see. Your plastic surgeon will be your guide, helping you to shape your body the way you want it to be.

Work with Your Plastic Surgeon to Get the Results You Want to See
In the end, you and our Scottsdale plastic surgeon will need to sit down to discuss what you want for your body. Focus on what concerns you most and go from there. You’ll work together as a team to polish off your weight loss efforts, helping you to get your best body.

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