Varicose Veins and the Twisted Truth

 In General

You may have noticed some dark blue or purple-looking twisted lines on your legs lately. This discoloration might be due to twisted veins. These veins are superficial, meaning they lie just under the surface. They are more prone to being kinked because they are on the front line as compared to our deeper veins that are protected by muscle, fat, and bone. Varicose veins are simply veins that have twisted themselves.

A normal vein carries deoxygenated blood back to the heart. These blood vessels are smooth and straight creating an unobstructed passageway for blood to flow. Veins that are not working well usually have a structural problem. Most commonly, doctors see varicose veins where the wall is less smooth and inflamed, causing blood to not pass freely. Left untreated these varicose veins can continue to be inflamed and can lead to serious health problems in addition to being visible to others.

Veins that are visible are typically dark and rigid compared to normal veins. Varicose veins can also cause leg swelling, pain, and itching. If there is no visible sign of varicose veins these symptoms might help lead to a diagnosis if there are no other health issues. Commonly, our veins undergo a lot of pressure from all the activity we do with our legs. Sometimes lack of movement can play a role. However, as we age, previous trauma to the area, weakened muscles and genetics play a greater role in why our legs appear this way. The heaviness can cause weakened vein valves to not operate efficiently causing blood to pool causing kinks and twists.

Seeing a vein specialist can help establish if your case is a concern or not. Some factors that can affect the way our veins look and the above symptoms are weight, exercise, environment, and genetics. Schedule a visit to either of our vein treatment locations, Chandler or Scottsdale.

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