The Growth of Botox for Men

 In General

Botox has become much more prevalent recently, especially for men. Men are increasingly willing to try botox as old stigmas are broken down. Plastic surgeons and licensed aestheticians see more and more men who want a more youthful appearance. One of the things that is driving this trend is the social media culture that we now live in. People post and see pictures of themselves on social media non-stop. Additionally, due to the pandemic, people spend an increased amount of time on video calls. Men are turning to botox to decrease, and even eliminate visible frown lines in order to look more youthful.

Many men are just as critical of themselves when looking at their own pictures. They focus on the bad such as being overweight, or a retreating hairline. The one thing that really seems to stand out for a lot of men is their frown lines, especially on their forehead and the bridge of their nose. They can try creams and lotions but the easiest remedy because of the quick results is a botox injection. A botox injection is a quick procedure that helps eliminate or significantly decrease those lines by relaxing muscles giving the skin a smoother appearance.

Recently, plastic surgeons have seen a large increase in the number of men willing to have any type of cosmetic surgery performed. Minimally invasive surgeries such as botox are very popular. And, although not always depicted correctly in the media, a botox appointment takes 15 minutes, is relatively pain-free and allows people to go about their daily lives the very same day.

Now that more men are willing to get botox, the next step is to get them more willing to talk about it. Unfortunately, cosmetic surgery has always had a certain stigma around it. However, that is slowly eroding as social media has grown exponentially in the past decade. What used to be hidden is now bragged about on social media. Men (and women) no longer view botox (or cosmetic surgery for that matter) as a procedure, it is viewed more now as regular maintenance.

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