Scottsdale Plastic Surgery Gets a Surprising Upsurge in Popularity

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In 2018, it is a fair statement to make to say that plastic surgery is now more a part of the norm than it ever has been since its inception in the 20th century. The benefits of plastic surgery that have been known to the rich and famous for decades are now more accessible than ever to the average citizen, and because it is no longer considered taboo, the prevalence of treatment centers has also allowed cosmetic procedures to become much more affordable.

As a matter of fact, plastic surgery as the go-to anti-aging option has been a rising trend in the United States for some time now. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released data from a study conducted 12 years ago that has shown that approximately 11 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in the year 2006. That’s an astonishing 7% increase in the same statistics from the previous year.

The study went on to note the top cosmetic surgery procedures performed in that given year on a National level and its what we are seeing in the Scottsdale, area.

They include:

Tummy Tucks at 146,000
Eyelid Procedures at 233,000
Liposuction at 303,000
Rhinoplasty (nose jobs) at 307,000
• And finally, Breast Augmentations at an astonishing amount of 329,000!

Of course, there are realistic reasons for the recent uptick in cosmetic surgical procedures. After all, the aging Baby Boomer demographic is probably one of the first generations that was raised without the stigma previously associated with such treatments. They are also the first generation that was brought up around more visual media, such as television, glossy magazines, and eventually adapting with the Internet age (think social media) more closely associated with their children and grandchildren.

Another reason this generation is slowly gravitating toward plastic surgery is simply because of their retirements and pension access allows them the money to treat themselves. The overly-large demographic is also likely to live longer than their ancestors, and, as such, they desire to look good doing it. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend their twilight years looking his or her very best?

Of course, there is another factor for the current rise in the popularity of plastic surgery. That reason is the fact that there are so many more treatment centers right now than there ever has been in the past. They are literally located in every large city and the surrounding suburbs. And, once you are made aware of the benefits that our local Scottsdale Arizona plastic surgery center has to offer, how can you not be even the least bit curious if such procedures are perfect for you and your needs?

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