4 Questions You Should Ask Before Undergoing Rhinoplasty in Scottsdale

 In General

Rhinoplasty is one of the five most common plastic surgery procedures in the United States, and for good reason. The procedure is easy, effective, and safe, and it can help patients easily achieve a more-desired look. Surprisingly, rhinoplasty is also performed on patients that have trouble breathing due to a faulty nasal structure. It can relieve pressure and allow a clearer airway.

1. What does Rhinoplasty Accomplish?

Men and women that are not particularly happy with the size and shape of their natural noses can seek a reduction or reshaping to be performed by a plastic surgeon. The doctor will accomplish this by making incisions and then carefully sculpting the cartilage and the bone inside the nose and stitching it back up. The result is a much more balanced display of the patients’ natural features, which can make them feel better about themselves.

2. Who are Typical Rhinoplasty Candidates?

Typical surgical candidates are those that have a bump on their nose’s bridge, have overly-pinched or overly-flared nostrils, have a bulb-like tip, or a nose that is too wide, too long, off-center, or crooked. Many others that come in wish to repair a nose that was disjointed or displaced in an accident.

Many times teenagers come in for rhinoplasty, and it is actually the most common plastic surgery among that age group. This can be controversial since the nose is sill growing throughout these years and it is usually recommended that the prospective patients wait. Also, doctors want to make sure the surgery is the teen’s idea and not that of her parents or peer group.

3. Rhinoplasty Sounds Like a Good Idea. What are the Next Steps?

You will usually have a preliminary consultation with your surgeon where you will discuss which type of surgery is best for your situation. There are augmentation and reduction procedures, as well as reconstructive and post-traumatic treatments. Once you both confer on what you are looking for, you are ready to schedule a surgery date!

4. What About After the Surgery?

It does take a while to recover from the procedure. You should get a ride home on the day of the surgery since you will still have anesthesia in your system. It is also probably best to take at least two weeks off from work to slowly recover.

Do you think rhinoplasty in Scottsdale is right for you? If you would like to know more, speak to one of our surgeons today at Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery. We will answer all your questions and guide you through the rhinoplasty process. Give us a call today or come in for a consultation.

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