Why More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery in 2019

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When you think of plastic surgery, you often think primarily of women; whether it’s a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, a chemical peel, or a full mommy makeover. But unbeknownst to many, men make up an estimated 10% of surgical and nonsurgical patients. Men are realizing the long term benefits of plastic surgery, and this could be due to the rise in social media.

Social media portrays individuals in their best light, and with this comes the need to hold fast to a more youthful appearance and svelte physique. So, an increase in men are undergoing plastic surgery procedures. These procedures range from less invasive methods such as Botox and chemical peels to more invasive such as tummy tucks and male breast reduction. While this is still not as common among men as it is with women, men are stepping out and boldly declaring their use and acceptance of plastic surgery.

The benefits for men under going plastic surgery is actually comparable to women. Men desire to be pleased with their image when looking in the mirror. They may not be happy with certain features, and this is where plastic surgery fits in. Plastic surgery gives men the option to enhance or minimize characteristics which otherwise, could not be done naturally. A great example would be liposuction. When hitting the gym and eating right just won’t diminish abdominal fat, liposuction allows men to acquire a flatter stomach or slimmer, more defined build. And just like with women, this fat can be deposited into other parts of the body where one might consider is less than adequate.

For men looking for a more youthful and natural appearance, Botox, fat transfer to the face, and brow lifts are just a few of an array of options. Although several of the nonsurgical procedures are temporary, such as Botox, which is also considered a form of manscaping; men are acknowledging that these quick fixes are worth the financial, physical, and emotional investment.

Feeling good about one’s self is the ultimate goal with considering plastic surgery in Scottsdale AZ. To feel relief from the everyday struggle and the disdain of covering up or camouflaging what you might consider imperfections. Years of abusing one’s body with eating unhealthy and fattening foods, lack of sunscreen usage, or simply being born with a defect or flaw can usually be remedied with plastic surgery and consistency refraining from all harmful and damaging activities.

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