Nose Job – What You Need To Know

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Rhinoplasty, also called rhytidectomy, is a common plastic surgery procedure used to change and reconstruct the nose. There are two categories of plastic surgery performed during rhinoplasty surgery which are aesthetic plastic surgery which improves the look of the nose and reconstructive plastic surgery which alters the shape and functions of the nose. If you have had your nose cut or pierced then your surgeon will perform nasal reconstructive procedures during the rhinoplasty surgery. The surgery can be done using general or localized anesthesia as an in-patient or in-custody procedure. The nose job may require additional surgery later down the road such as removing cartilage or repairing nasal fractures. Some patients have to have multiple surgeries.

When it comes to nose reshaping there are three main techniques used today which include the Conventional rhinoplasty (CPR), Indirect Nodular (IND) and Inferior Nodular (IN). Your surgeon will discuss with you which technique would be best suited to your situation and the results desired. If you want a balance between good facial features, good breathing and a natural nose shape then the CPR is the method chosen. When it comes to noses which have nasal fractures, chips, blemishes, birthmarks, or deformed features then the Indirect Nodular technique is preferred over the Inferior Nodular technique. Although rhinoplasty can be very successful with any of these methods.

Recovery from a nose job is not always easy. You will experience pain and swelling both in the nose area and further up into the face and neck. The incisions made will need to heal and you will also need to keep your head elevated at all times to prevent swelling. Most people are able to return to work and many celebrities have even been able to return to school after having surgery. Most surgeries will take around a week and will cause some swelling and pain so staying away from work for a few days after the nose job is completed is advised.

If you are considering a nose job in the Phoenix, Chandler, or Scottsdale metro areas contact us for a consultation to learn cost, procedure, and after surgery protocol.

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