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Take the Plunge with Facial Contouring!

If you currently own a contouring and highlighting make up kit, chances are you have already thought about permanent facial contouring. Why not try it? Treat yourself to a newer, refreshed version of you with an ultra safe rhinoplasty, chin, or cheek enhancement procedure performed by one of the creative experts at our Scottsdale location Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery and our Chandler location Ciao Bella Med Spa

It has never been easier to get the look you want without breaking your budget. All procedures are done in-house and performed by our licensed and certified experts. Most importantly, some procedures are entirely non-invasive!


One of the most commonly performed procedures among women in America, nose reconstruction can be a surgical or a non-surgical process, depending on your needs.

The non-surgical version is the most commonly used for aesthetic purposes, and consists on simple injections into the skin, with better adjustments made to the nasal contour. You are also fully aware during this procedure, and will experience zero to very minimal swelling or nosebleeds. The results are permanent, too, with a quicker recovery period than traditional rhinoplasty.

Chin Enhancement
The process of chin enhancement can also be surgical or non surgical. The process consists on reshaping the chin by using an implant or by reducing the size and shape of the area. There is a wide diversity of ways to achieve the chin that you want. Be sure to schedule a consultation and see if you are a candidate for this procedure.

Meanwhile, take a look at the
before and after transformations from current patients. These enhancements can be enjoyed by adults of all ages, male and female alike.

Cheek Enhancement
This procedure, also done surgically and non surgically, consists on augmenting or increasing the size of the cheekbone area. This process is conducted by using a dermal filler or even by transferring fat from one part of the patient’s body. It basically lifts that area of the face, giving a different contour to the overall look.

Additional Notes

When selecting a non-invasive procedure, anesthesia is only used locally as a way to numb the area before the process begins. However, the benefit of these treatments is that you get to be awake and aware of everything taking place. You start seeing the changes on the spot! Recuperation periods for non-invasive procedures are often quick, and the results are seen within days of completion. Book an appointment or a free consultation today with one of our certified and licensed professionals.

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