4 Common Myths About Cellulite

 In General

At some point in their lives, most women are going to have the skin condition know as cellulite. Cellulite causes raised dimples in the skin, and it can be unsightly. Many women feel very uncomfortable with cellulite and will want to do all that they can to get rid of it. There are many myths that surround cellulite today.

Myth: Cellulite Only Strikes Older People

False. Anyone of any age can get cellulite. Some people assume that you do not get cellulite until you put on weight or have children. They think it is impossible to get cellulite while you are still in your 20s. However, there are many people that put on cellulite even if they have not been pregnant or seen a lot of weight gain.

Myth: Skinny People Do Not Get Cellulite

False. Skinny people are just as susceptible to cellulite as someone who is overweight. Cellulite is not always caused by fat. Fat will worsen the problem, but the issue is caused by septae that makes the skin more rigid. Typically, the cause of your cellulite is genetics. If you have a parent that had cellulite, chances are you will as well.

Myth: Eating Fatty Foods Makes Cellulite Worse

False. If you gain weight, your cellulite may be more pronounced, but it will not make it worse. For some women, cellulite may be more pronounced when they lose weight due to the loose skin.

Myth: Dry Brushing Reduces Cellulite

False. This process simply does not work. People think that if they brush around the areas, that it will increase circulation and get rid of the cellulite.

Myth: There is No Treatment for Cellulite

False. There are various treatments that actually work for the removal of cellulite. Laser removal works well and helps to break up the bands that make cellulite appear on your body.

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