7 Reasons to Consider Breast Implant Revision in Scottsdale

 In General

Thousands of women undergo breast augmentation in Scottsdale AZ each year, with most implants lasting an average of 10 years. When that time period has expired, it’s important for patients to consider breast implant revision in Scottsdale. This procedure will replace old implants with those that are new in order to keep the patient healthy and with the look they desire. By learning more reasons why revision is so beneficial, you might consider it for yourself.

1. Changing the Size

When you have breast implant revision, you’re able to increase or decrease the size of the new implants based on your individual preferences.

2. Reducing Migration

After a certain length of time, implants can migrate and change position within the body. This can leave many patients insecure and unable to wear the same clothing they once did with confidence. New implants can resolve this problem and ensure they stay in place for years to come.

3. Changing the Type of Implant

Some patients decide to change the type of implant they receive when undergoing revision surgery. The decision is normally based on personal preference as well as advice from a doctor.

4. Repositioning and Reshaping in the Chest

Over time, implants can lose their shape and change the look of the breasts overall. Revision surgery can help with this by reshaping the pocket of the implant. The new material itself will also keep its shape for longer so it stays in place.

5. Avoiding Rupture From Older Materials

Breast implant materials can rupture after an extended amount of time in the body. For those who want to avoid this dangerous side effect, breast implant revision can help.

6. Improving the Feeling of the Breasts

The feeling of the breasts can change after implants due to breast tissue growth. While many patients do not notice this, it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for others. Fortunately, revision surgery will allow the surgeon to change the shape or size of the implant while placing it in an optimal position around breast tissue.

7. Updating Your Implants

By having breast implant revision in Scottsdale, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your implants are in good shape. However, in order to tailor the surgery to your body and breasts specifically, it’s important to first schedule a consultation. By working closely with your surgeon, you’ll have confidence that your breasts will look exactly how you would like them to.

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