What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

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Have you had breast augmentation and it’s been 10, 15 or 20 years since your surgery? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider having a breast augmentation revision. Most likely, with aging, your breasts have sagged or deflated a bit. Sometimes one or both implants develop a small hole and deflate slowly over time. Aging causes breast tissue to sag and can make women feel older than they really are. If you want to feel younger, and have your breasts fuller and more lifted again, it’s a good idea to get a revision. The good news is that the surgery should be easier than the first time.

A breast implant revision may be a little easier on your body than the first time you had a breast augmentation in AZ. The reason for this is because your breast tissue capsule is already formed. The first time you had breast implants put in place a capsule was formed around it made of fibrous scar tissue. Since this has already formed the surgeon just needs to go in, remove the old implants and put new ones right in the already formed capsule. The surgeon can go in under your breasts, through the armpit or through the areola area, depending on where your first incisions were. They will most likely want to go in through a different area than the first time.

At the time of a breast augmentation revision you can choose the same or different types of implants. You can choose saline implants which are silicone shells that they fill with sterile salt water, or saline. You can choose silicone gel-filled implants. Some surgeons also offer new MemoryShape Brand breast implants that are silicone gel implants that can offer better firmness and shape.

At the time of your revision you can discuss with your surgeon whether you want just a breast augmentation revision or a breast augmentation revision with a lift. The procedures are slightly different. The augmentation with a lift procedure adds volume and raises sagging breasts more that just replacing the implants.

Speak with our caring professionals today if you are considering a breast augmentation revision in Scottsdale AZ.

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