4 Myths About Botox Injections in Scottsdale Arizona

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Fighting the results of aging and remaining perpetually youthful and beautiful becomes a daily concern as we approach each new year. The myriad of solutions can be overwhelming, and the accompanying myths regarding safety and long term consequences add to the confusion and angst. Here are a few common concerns surrounding Botox injections and some easy clarification:

1. I am injecting harmful toxins into my body.

Clostridium botulinum is a naturally occurring harmless organism. Botox is derived from this non-toxic and mostly inactive organism. Originally used in the medical field to treat certain disorders characterized by muscle spasms, Botox found its way into the cosmetic industry in the 1990’s. In 2002, the FDA formally approved Botox for temporary removal of facial lines and wrinkles. While there are risks associated with incorrect usage of Botox, a professional aesthetician at Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Clinic can safely administer treatments and restore a youthful, smooth appearance.

2. Botox injections are painful.

Due to the shallow nature of the injection, Botox is injected with an 8mm needle, which is one of smallest size needles in use. The slight prick can be further abated with numbing creams, which renders the procedure virtually painless. The process takes minimal time to perform and requires little to no recovery time.

3. My face will appear frozen and expressionless.

Botox in Scottsdale AZ is utilized to relax your facial muscles temporarily. An experienced aesthetician will perform the procedure with the knowledge and skill to maintain a naturally youthful appearance. The frozen look is commonly associated with the application of too many units. Speak to your aesthetician about your goals and your ideal appearance prior to your procedure in order to ensure your satisfaction with the overall result.

4. Botox is addictive and my wrinkles will worsen if I stop injections.

Botox temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles and restores a smooth youthful appearance. Eventually, your body metabolizes the Botox, and the results fade as the muscles return to their prior state. Over time, the muscles may retain some of their relaxed state, and fewer units may be necessary to achieve the same result. When the effects wear off, your muscles (and wrinkles) only return to how they were prior to treatment.

While Botox injections administered incorrectly or by an inexperienced aesthetician can potentially be problematic, a professional at Ciao Bella can ensure a safe easy experience with a naturally youthful result.

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