5 Common Misconceptions About Botox in Scottsdale AZ

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Botox is a popular and safe cosmetic option for men and women in Scottsdale and throughout the surrounding areas. Nevertheless, Botox has often captured the imagination of the media and the Internet, and that attention has led to some common misconceptions that we’ll address here.

Misconception #1: Botox Can Cause Inexpressiveness

Perhaps the most pervasive myth is that Botox can cause your face to freeze or become expressionless. This is a misapprehension often humorously perpetuated in movies and on TV. There is some truth to idea, but it is only caused only by an amateur practitioner who administers too much or too often. If you have a Botox treatment performed by a medical professional, then frozen face is not a risk at all.

Misconception #2: Botox Is for Cosmetics Only

This is definitely not true. The Food and Drug Administration has approved Botox for cosmetic use but also has a remedy for real medical issues. The FDA, for instance, has approved it to treat symptoms such as spasms in the face. Since the original approval, Botox has also received subsequent approval to treat certain migraines, extreme underarm perspiration and even an overactive bladder.

Misconception #3: Botox Is a Toxin

Botox is derived from Botulinum, which is a toxin. However, Botox is a protein version that has been purified and is therefore primarily nontoxic. In addition, Botox is administered directly into a muscle in order to relax it. It is not absorbed by the bloodstream where it could be toxic. In fact, you would have to take at least 200 times what is normally used in order to feel any effects from the toxin.

Misconception #4: You Can Get Addicted to Botox

It is hard to tell where this misconception started, but there is no truth to it. Botox does not have addictive aspects, including psychological ones. Ceasing Botox treatments, for instance, will not worsen any wrinkles. Wrinkles will remerge over time, but that is three to four months out. Nevertheless, many people are so pleased with Botox that they can continue their treatments!

Misconception #5: Botox Treatments Are Painful

Many people who have never enjoyed Botox in Scottsdale AZ believe that it can cause bruising and discomfort, but there is no truth to this when treatments are performed by a medical professional. In fact, proper technique was refined specifically to avoid discomfort and discoloration, and any treatment that is painful or overly noticeable has been performed incorrectly.

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