How To Tell If I Will Benefit From Having A Breast Lift?

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Whether you have lost a considerable amount of weight, have breastfed your children or have lost elasticity in your breasts with age and over time, you may have noticed that you have lost a lot of the shapeliness in your breasts over the years. A breast lift is not only performed for aesthetic reasons; a lift can restore proportion and make your clothes, bras and swimwear fit better and more comfortably.

What Does A Surgeon Do During A Breast Lift Operation?

Every breast lift procedure is unique. The methods utilized during the surgery vary from surgeon to surgeon. Also, each patient’s desired results will be customized to give a natural look. During a breast lift, surgeons typically remove excess and stretched out skin. They also use the body’s own excess breast skin and tissue to create an internal laser underwire bra to help the breasts maintain a perky silhouette. They reshape the breast tissue, raise the nipple to the new forward position and create a new contour for the breasts. If your enlarged areolas are an area of concern, a surgeon can also reduce the size of the areola to create a more natural and proportioned look.

If your nipples point downward or your nipple area seems to rest below the crease that sits underneath of your breasts, you may be an excellent candidate for a breast lift operation. If your breasts are significantly asymmetrical, you may also benefit from having a breast lift. If you like the overall size of your breasts, but you wish they were more full or perky, you are also an excellent candidate for a breast lift. If you feel that your breasts are too large or too small, you may also need to consider having an augmentation procedure done in conjunction with a lift. A breast lift procedure does not change the size of your breasts; it only addresses the firmness and loss of fullness and elasticity. If you desire larger or smaller breasts, a cosmetic surgeon will typically perform an augmentation procedure at the same time as a breast lift.

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